Crushing Your LIVE Sales with Confidence & Charisma Video Course for Resellers

What Are the Course Modules?

Introduction & Welcome - Video

The State of LIVE Sales 2023 - How to Drive Traffic to Your Replays - Video + Written Summary

Preparation for LIVE Sales Part 1 - Video + Written Summary

Preparation for LIVE Sales Part 2 - Video + Written Summary

Odilia's Step-by-Step "Prep Checklist" - Video + Written Summary

Self Defeating Thoughts You Can Let Go Of - Video + Written Summary

Mindset (Become Invincible) - Video + Written Summary

Hosting a Sale "Within" Your LIVE Sale - Video + Written Summary

How to Be a Salesperson (In a Good Way) - Video + Written Summary

Creating Your Brand - Video + Written Summary

Knowing What to Sell In Your LIVE Sales - Video + Written Summary

BONUS: Best Practices When Working with Consignment Clients- Video + Written Summary

Who is This Course For?

BRAND NEW LIVE sellers of vintage clothing & luxe for less (designer clothing)

BRAND NEW LIVE sellers who have hosted a few live sales, and are feeling frustrated by results and not sure what they need to "learn next" to improve

Intermediate LIVE sellers who feel that they've hit a slump and their live sale results have increasingly gone downhill

Truly anyone interested in learning about the business & marketing behind success LIVE sales ... and a confidence crash course!

Why Should You Buy This Course?

First, we are offering this at an INSANE price because we want you to have the information and to learn and succeed from it.

You're going to learn something new from each of our video modules and written information. Odilia & Sammy taught EACH OTHER while making this course. We all have more to learn within this ever-changing industry!

Our video modules are EASY to listen to when doing ANYTHING (think of them like podcast episodes). You can listen while driving, walking, working, exercising.

The LIVE sale industry became popular in 2020 and has changed oh-so-many ways since. This course will give you the needed relevant updates and motivation to keep succeeding.


What is this course about?

This is a course for LIVE sellers of vintage clothing & accessories and designer clothing. It is for the beginner to immediate seller. This course will teach you confidence, mindset an tactical skills to apply to your live sales so that you are more prepared and successful.

Who is this course for?

Vintage & designer clothing LIVE sellers - all social media platforms and marketplace platforms.

How much does this course cost?

$97 early bird registration through midnight, Monday June 12. Doors for early bird registration close at midnight and the price increases to $177 without the bonuses.

How do I receive the course?

You will receive a link to an online portal where you will make an email and password log in to access.

How do I register for the coaching offer with Sammy & Odilia?

You will receive a link to purchase the 50 percent off coaching package special offer after you register for the course.

Do I have lifetime access to this course?

Lifetime access is not guaranteed but you will have at least 9 months access. Email to have the materials emailed to you to ensure lifetime access on your own behalf.

Meet Your LIVE Sale Success Coaches

Sammy & Odilia

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About Odilia: This year I celebrated 20 years in business. The business itself has changed immensely since I began - competition, a constantly-shifting market, current trends - but the premise is the same: A passion for fashion history and a need to share it with the world, combined with a genuine love for the sales-driven technical side.

Over the years I've had the pleasure of working with all kinds of interesting and varied people; I helped the local CARLISLE division move into the Internet age, I've worked part-time as a buyer & personal shopper alongside my Internet business, I've purchased directly from wonderful designers like Karen Zambos of Karen Zambos Vintage Couture, and I am wrapping up a 3 1/2 year gig as the sole U.S. distributor for the personal vintage archives of Diane Freis.

This is why as I step into a new decade of professional full time resale, I’m excited to share my gems of knowledge in a manner that can help others!

About Sammy: I started my resale journey in 2009 as a flea market seller and early social media adapter with the website

In 2019 I founded the Facebook buy/sell marketplace VINTAGE BOSS BABES and LIVE sales were introduced in April 2020. To date, I've supported the circulation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in resale revenue between members. I've seen the highs and lows of the resale journey amongst my members.

My goal is to create educational materials that truly help resellers to increase their bottom lines and Sell More Vintage!

I'm also founder of the NYC Bargain Secondhand Shopping tour and continues to build her vintage resale business online and in person at the store Art to Ware, located in midtown & downtown Manhattan.

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